Enable IoT with Blockchain technology

We leverage the power of blockchian technology to improve the data integrity, confidentiality and availability of existing IoT infrastructures.

Blockchain-based infrastructure for the Internet of Things

About Orex360

  • We leverage the power of blockchain technology to improve the data integrity, confidentiality, and availability of existing IoT infrastructures.
  • Orex360 provides organizations with the ability to monetize data aggregated through billions of connected devices and enable business models based on the machine industry.
  • Our blockchain-based gateway enables devices to securely communicate and share assets through a common ledger.
  • We provide Oracle for seamless integration of existing IoT infrastructures into a blockchain network.
  • Orex360 can be used in various industries in the fields of IIoT, supply chain, automotive, mobility and logistics.

Features and Benefits - Why do we combine Blockchain with IoT ?

Smart Innovation

Blockchain-based, transparent machine-to-machine and machine-to-business payments and transactions for innovative business models (pay-per-use, machine-as-a-service)

Security and trust through design

Cryptographically secured, distributed ledger to ensure immutability. Consensus models to eliminate bad actors. Smart Contracts based firmware intelligence


The distributed architecture provides resistance to DDoS attacks such as Mirai's famous botnet attack by eliminating single points of failure


A combination of on-chain and off-chain data storage devices to create a trusted system that complies with DSGVO's privacy policy


Regulatory compliance through traceability and analytical model tracking


Instead of trusting a third-party, IoT devices can interact with each other through a distributed ledger

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