Case Study – Nano Carbon Offset Marketplace

Nano Carbon Reduction Ecosystem

Nano is a community-driven Carbon reduction ecosystem, where individual effort to avoid harmful emissions is rewarded by capitalizing on the regulatory requirement for enterprises to invest in Carbon offsets — an exceedingly suitable use case for blockchain.

Technologies:: Ethereum, React,

The Challenge

The Nano team approached us, having already validated their idea and built a thriving community of do-gooders that made a positive impact in reducing their Carbon emissions. Once they had a few high-profile clients working with them to motivate their employees to reduce their Carbon footprints, Nano reached out to us to discuss the next steps and whether blockchain could be used to distribute rewards. 

Reward System

Nano wanted their reward system to be universal, unlike gift cards they were using that limited their operations geographically.

Data Integrity

Sustainability is a regulatory requirement in many countries now but sustainability data has no integrity check and neither is it auditable.

Carbon Offset Economy

Nano users reduce Carbon and enterprises pay for Carbon offsets; this demand and supply required a liquid marketplace.

The Solution

We helped the Nano team navigate the complexities of blockchain technology, discover the possibilities and design the best possible solution to address all their problems. We collaborated with them to build their Carbon reduction ecosystem, which interacts with their existing system and integrates with their new blockchain solution built by us within 6 weeks.

Nano Blockchain

We setup an Ethereum-based permissioned blockchain with an explorer, so that the integrity of sustainability data can be verified.

Nano Carbon Marketplace

We built a Carbon Marketplace which uses NFTs to represent a user's carbon reduction efforts, which can be bought by enterprises as Carbon offsets.

Nano Control Panel

Nano control panel helps monitor activities on the marketplace and blockchain and helps update settings like the offset price and fees, etc.

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Digital asset trading platform | Blockchain Developer | Block360
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