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Case Studies

Swap Global | Blockchain network | Blockchain| Blockchain Developer | Block360

GSU Exchange

Secure, scalable and ultra low latency cryptocurrency exchange platform with complete suite of elements matching engine, Trading, Liquidity, Transactions, Client onboarding/KYC, monitoring, Crypto and currency deposit and withdraw, Financial institution integration and customer service and support portal.


Machines connected with hybrid blockchain network for Machine to machine and Machine to business payments, enabling self enforced service licence agreements and Pay per use business model. Easy to use admin dashboard for machines on boarding, monitoring and control.

Orex360 | Blockchain network | Blockchain| Blockchain Developer | Block360
Gleipner Blockchain network | Blockchain| Blockchain Developer | Block360

Swap Global

Easy to use decentralised ERC20 Token Swap platform with real time rate updates, easy swap tracking, supporting multiple crypto wallets including wallet connect and hardware, multi lingual, customer support, admin portal with transactions history and liquidity alerts.


Permissioned but transparent blockchain network with Hierarchical Byzantine Fault Tolerant (HiBFT) consensus algorithm designed to handle high volume transactions.
Swap Global | Blockchain network | Blockchain| Blockchain Developer | Block360
naga coin | Blockchain| Blockchain Developer | Block360

Naga Coin

Crowdsale smart contract written in Solidity language. Found some issues of Medium and Low Severity. Suggest corrections.


Micro and Small loans lending platform by using Cryptocurrencies. Tokenization of loan for risk mitigation, scoring on the basis of on chain transparent repayments history, an open marketplace to connect lenders and investors with individuals and businesses.
MERITT | Blockchain network | Blockchain| Blockchain Developer | Block360
notaryplatform | Blockchain| Blockchain Developer | Block360

Notary Platform

The Notary Platform is the first mobile application which enables you to engage in contracts on the go! With the help of our app, you can sign a contract wherever, whenever, and without a third party involved!

DES Excange

Cryptocurrency exchange platform designed for the community of DES Coin. A marketplace with highly convenient UI/UX for trading of DES Coin and other digital assets. 2FA authentication, fast trading, trading view graph, orders and transactions history, customer support.

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