Cryptocurrency Exchange for DES Coin

Cryptocurrency exchange platform designed for the community of DES Coin. A marketplace with highly convenient UI/UX for trading of DES Coin and other digital assets. 2FA authentication, fast trading, trading view graph, orders and transactions history, customer support.


We were aix1ming to create a primary marketplace for trading of DES Coin and other digital assets like BTC, ETH, ERC20 Tokens to and from fiat currencies. Our goal was to provide a transparent trading environment with highly convenient user experience and security, to allow novice to become the part of DES ecosystem.

Work done

  • Cryptocurrency exchange platform


 DES Exchange is a crypto exchange with a simple and easy-to-use web interface. User can make deposits and start bidding just by doing a simple signup. Personal data verification is requried to make larger transactions and trades. This makes DES Exchange compliant with digital security laws. User can configure 2FA authentication and monitor active sessions. Customer support system allow users to open and track the history of their support tickets.

Platform provides simple and easy to use admin dashboard for monitoring and managing users, viewing reports, creating new market pairs, setting fees, configuring KYC limits and setting hot & cold wallets.



2 types of orders: limit and market

Add new crypto/fiat currencies

User management

Detailed reporting

Two-factor authentication

Deposit and Withdrawal Limits

Zendesk Support portal

Hot & Cold Wallets

Monitoring dashboard

About Client

 DES COIN is a project of DES-Capital Technologies AG with the goal to establish a cryptocurrency which meets the framework conditions of the generally accepted economic system in terms of how widely known its business partners are (KYC), complies with anti-money laundering legislation (AML), demonstrates the security level required of a blockchain system and ensures unimpeded scalability.

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