DES Coin

DESCoin is a private blockchain-based payment network meant for businesses to send and receive payments, the details of which will be kept private to only the involved parties. Any business is allowed to become a part of the DESCoin network after passing through a KYC filter, which is controlled by the administrator of the network. The DESCoin currency is not tradable outside of the network in favor of price stability. The DES blockchain network is permissioned and the governance of the network is coded into a smart contract which allows or revokes access to the businesses that can participate in the consensus. This chain also supports private contracts between the two parties, such that those two parties are the only ones privy to their mutual transaction data. The DES coin is the primary currency and a hybrid web and mobile app is used by merchants and customers to issue invoices and make payments. The DESCoin is exclusively traded on the X360 exchange platform.

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