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Launching New Crypto Exchange Business with X360 is Easy

X360 is a white label solution for launching your own Cryptocurrency or Digital Asset Exchanges with in a week.​


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X360 covers every touch point in cryptocurrency and digital assets creation, trading and investment workflows. We are enabling clients to exploit the potential of rapidly growing digital asset classes and perform business transactions in most efficient way.

One Platform. Many Uses

Capital Markets

X360 provides powerful exchange technology for Exchanges Operators, Asset Managers, Brokerages, OTC Desks to introduce crypto asset classes and to optimise the experience and economics of their traditional systems.

Tokenised Assets

Tokenisation of assets (Securities, Commodities, Physical goods) experiencing exponential growth due to their global accessibility, increased liquidity and reduced operational cost, unlocking business opportunities for Startups and Enterprises.

NFT Marketplace

Marketplaces for Arts, Collectables, Assets and Securities backed by NFTs are unlocking new investment opportunities. X360 NFT technology provides all necessary features like Royalty Payment, Sale through Auction or Fixed Price, Bids History and Creators KYC.

X360 Crypto Technology

Discovery workshop focus is to have a clear execution roadmap with deliverables timeline and cost.

Matching Engine

Reliable, ultra high frequency matching engine

Fiat Currencies

Support integration for multiple banks/payment service providers


Multiple Cryptocurrencies, unlimited ERC20, ERC721

P2P Transfers

Allow asset transfer between exchange users, decrease withdrawals.

Market Data Analytics

Provide detailed market analysis with advanced charting tools.

Double-entry Accounting

For improved and audit friendly accounting, it provides double-entry accounting.

KYC portal

Dedicated KYC portal for in-house review or third party integration


Trading volume based discounts, maker taker discount

Product Features

Technology Strengths


What are the digital assets?

Bitcoin invention enabled frictionless value transfer around the world and it becomes the world first decentralised digital asset. Since then a lot of digital assets have been created using the same technology, backed by National Currencies, Financial Market Assets (Stocks, Bonds, Funds), Securities, Commodities, Real Estate, or nearly everything we own. Digitisation of asset have made it easier to own and trade them, hence increased their liquidity. Further, Tokenisation of Digital Assets have enabled multiple party ownership making it approachable to all with micro investment budgets. These Digital Assets and Cryptocurrencies are growing at very fast pace predicted to disrupt every industry who isn’t ready to adapt.

What is X360 Crypto Technology?

X360 Crypto Exchange Technology is a banking grade solution to deliver cost effective solution for Digital Asset Creation, Custody and Trading Services. Financial institutes can launch or level-up their Cryptocurrency Exchange or Digital Assets Custodian business within 2 weeks. With integrated NFT Crypto Marketplace, your customers also get access to real world commodities like valuable metals (Gold, Palladium, Silver) and real-estate.

What are the advantages of X360 Crypto Technology?

X360 is a secure, scalable and ultra low latency cryptocurrency exchange platform to match with high volatility of crypto industry. Its matching engine can work with any type of assets. X360 is developed by using distributed and fault tolerant technologies making it highly flexible and reliable. It uses enterprise grade protocols for identity and access management provides easy integration across the organisation. Unlike other exchanges it comes with advance risk management with real-time error checking and alerts.

How many currencies X360 Crypto Technology support?

Currently X360 support 100+ national and cryptocurrencies including digital assets. By design it’s asset agnostic. It can be used for Cryptocurrencies, National Currencies, Tokens, Financial Market Assets (Stocks, Bonds, Funds), Securities, Commodities and Real Estate.

How long does it take to launch Cryptocurrency exchange platform with X360?

X360 is designed to handle large scale trading volumes from millions of users. Due to its micro service architecture it can scale vertically as well as horizontally.

How will the platform perform when it experience large number of users?

Usually it takes less than 2 weeks to launch your own Cryptocurrency Exchange platform with X360 Crypto Technology.

Can you add new features or customise it according to my needs?

X360 has modular architecture which makes is easier to customise and integrate new features.

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