Primary Marketplace for Global Stability Union (GSU Digital)

Secure, scalable and ultra low latency cryptocurrency exchange platform with complete suite of elements matching engine, Trading, Liquidity, Transactions, Client onboarding/KYC, monitoring, Crypto and currency deposit and withdraw, Financial institution integration and customer service and support portal.


Our goal was to launch a primary marketplace for trading of the Global Stability Unit, GSU, to and from fiat currencies. Where the trading of other digital units such as BTC (Bitcoin) and ETH (Ethereum) would be also possible. Solutions available in the market lack the operational perspective in terms of essential administrative and security controls required to operate a high volume marketplace.

Work done

  • Crypto currency exchange platform


GSU Exchange is a secure, scalable and ultra low latency cryptocurrency trading platform to match with high volatility of the crypto industry. It offers easy to use flows; deposits and withdrawals of currencies and cryptos, trading and transactions – all accompanied by a full account and transaction overview. Exchange is developed by using distributed and fault tolerant technologies making it highly flexible and reliable. It’s Matching engine can work with any type of assets. Enterprise grade protocols are used for identity and access management which provides easy integration across the organisation. Provides risk management with real-time error checking and alerts. Builtin KYC portal supports integration for financial institutes which makes it compliant with digital security laws. Zendesk support system is used for higher customer satisfaction.



2 types of orders: limit and market

Add new crypto/fiat currencies

Add new trading pairs

User management

Two-factor authentication

Deposit and Withdrawal Limits

Zendesk Support portal

Hot & Cold Wallets

Monitoring dashboard

Trading volume based discounts, maker taker discount

Market data analytics

KYC portal

Fiat management system

Double-entry Accounting

Integrated CMS for Ads/News

Detailed reporting

About Client

Integrated Blockchain Technology ( is the primary business that commercializes the distribution and use of the world’s most stable unit, the GSU. It is based in Denmark and focused on end-user applications based on blockchain technology.

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