Marketplace to Swap GSU with ETH and USDT

Easy to use decentralised ERC20 Token Swap platform with real time rate updates, easy swap tracking, supporting multiple crypto wallets including wallet connect and hardware, multi lingual, customer support, admin portal with transactions history and liquidity alerts.


Our goal was to provide an easy way to swap GSU with ETH and other ERC20 tokens like USDT, without the need of login or KYC. Smart contracts based decentralised token swap is easier if it is peer to peer and doesn’t require integration with any external system. But in our case, both were there, GSU is an algorithmic currency so each swap requires real time communication with the rate system and it wasn’t peer to peer which introduces liquidity challenges.

Work done

  • Algorithmic ERC20 Token Swap Platform


We created a DApp with easy user experience that allows users to swap GSU with ETH or USDT at current rates. For rate system integration, a distributed middleware was designed to avoid single point of failure or compromise. To ensure the availability of liquidity, a smart contract monitoring system was designed to trigger alerts when liquidity is below a certain threshold.



Wallet connect


Transaction history

Transaction tracking

Admin portal

Monitoring & Alerts

About Client

A product of GSU ( – The GSU (Global Stability Unit) or simply; ‘the Global’ is a market-based crypto token that beats currency in stability and efficiency.

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