Discovery workshop

Discover opportunities blockchain brings to your business​

In discovery workshop, our business and product teams work together to refine and validate your idea. This ensures the final product will bring value to the end users. ​

Discovery workshop

Discovery Workshop Overview

It’s a collaborative workshop to discuss the product or startup idea vision and roadmap. Market research and product teams work together to validate theories and confirm hypothesis about business viability and product needs. It reduces the risk of failure and changes in latter stages of development and it aligns stakeholders by answering critical question about business, user experience and technology to ensure the final product will bring true value to the end user.  

Clarity in Execution

Workshop simplifies complex and superficial requirements into a structured roadmap and clear requirements aligned with your goals.

Lower Risks

Helps identify potential challenges that may arise later and unravel discrepancies, minimise risk of building the wrong thing.

Reduce Cost

Save development cost and time substantially by validating the requirements before they are implemented.

Users Validation

Get early prototype to users hand to validate its need and gather feedback for early improvements.

Discovery Deliverables

Discovery workshop focus is to have a clear execution roadmap with deliverables timeline and cost.

Market & Audience Description

Market research report with an overview of competition and related solutions, targeted audience and their response to the solution.

Project Execution Plan

Project scope document with list of functionalities, technologies, deliverables timeline and implementation cost.

High Fidelity Prototype

Interactive mockups to better understand and visualize the final product.

Recent Projects

Meet visionaries who bought their products to life with Block360 Products and Services. 


A Digital Asset Exchange with complete suite of elements compliance, custody, matching engine and real-time settlement.

Digital asset trading platform | Blockchain Developer | Block360
Digital asset trading platform | Blockchain Developer | Block360
Screenshot 2021-11-07 at 12.20.31 PM

An Ethereum side-chain designed for high volume of ETH and ERC20 transactions at pre-defined low Tx fees


Carbon Avoidance Ecosystem built on Blockchain bridging trust gap between Investors, Enterprises and Regulator

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