Enable IoT with Blockchain technology

Machines connected with hybrid blockchain network for Machine to machine and Machine to business payments, enabling self enforced service licence agreements and Pay per use business model. Easy to use admin dashboard for machines on boarding, monitoring and control.


Our goal was to develop a platform that provides secure wallets to smart devices so they can make transactions as per defined rules (Smart Contracts). So business can increase efficiency and reduce operational cost by enabling faster and automatic transactions as license agreements.

Work done

  • Machine to Machine and Machine to Business Payments Platform


By leveraging the power of Blockchain technology we created a blockchain enabled IoT gateway that allows devices to securely communicate and transact value with each other through a shared ledger. Bi-directional distributed infrastructure allows devices to securely communicate with smart contracts and synchronise their balances. A dashboard was created for on boarding, usage monitoring, wallet recharge and device control purposes. We created an interactive interface for configuration of smart contracts with payments rules and other service conditions.



Identity & Access control

Automated rules based Payments

Real-time usage Monitoring

Security and trust through design



About Client

A project of Orex Ledger developed for a leading smart lights Deutsche Lichtmiete.

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