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The Notary Platform is the first mobile application which enables you to engage in contracts on the go! With the help of our app, you can sign a contract wherever, whenever, and without a third party involved!


Contracts are an integral part of business and everyday life. The current labour intensive process of creating, signing, and storing contracts is an expensive way to create agreements between different parties. So Notary aimed to tackle this using cutting edge blockchain technology to create an efficient method of creating, storing and signing contracts – anywhere and anytime.

Work done

  • Design and Development of a mobile DApp that run on Ethereum


A mobile application built on Ethereum blockchain network that offers the use of templates for standard contracts for different real-life cases in an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Blockchain technology provides the proof of the digital documents’ existence, content and identity of involved parties by allowing the creation of a timestamp and storage of digital documents in a form that prevents tampering with them. Applications also allow users to combine different digital sources into their final contract to provide for additional information. These sources can be used individually or in combination and include:

  • Templates or written and then scanned forms
  • Sound files
  • Image files
  • Video files
  • Proof of existence (e.g. facial recognition, retinal scans, etc.)
  • Different digital files or just the hash of a digital file in case of confidential data


Monitoring dashboard

Trading volume based discounts, maker taker discount

Market data analytics

KYC portal

Fiat management system

Double-entry Accounting

Integrated CMS for Ads/News

Detailed reporting

About Client

The Notary Platform is a blockchain startup based in Slovenia, revolutionising the way we engage in contracts.

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