A private permissioned network for faster and economic transactions

Permissioned but transparent blockchain network with Hierarchical Byzantine Fault Tolerant (HiBFT) consensus algorithm designed to handle high volume transactions.


Our goal was to develop a blockchain network with smart contract (programmable) based fee mechanism so each application can implement their own fee model, without compromising on security and transaction speed.

Work done

  • Build on top of Quorum for faster payments


Because of it’s permissioned and enterprise nature we chose Quorum blockchain as our starting point. We added a layer on top to provide a programmable fee mechanism and replaced it’s iBFT with HiBFT to address trust and security issues between parties at different authority levels.



Ethereum compatible

Secure and fast

Byzantine fault tolerant

Fixed transaction fee

Blockchain explorer

About Client

Integrated Blockchain Technology (IBTech.io) is the primary business that commercializes the distribution and use of the world’s most stable unit, the GSU. It is based in Denmark and focused on end-user applications based on blockchain technology.

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