Junior Software Engineer

Block360 is a B2B Fintech startup using peer to peer technologies to build next generation financial solutions which are easy to use, fast and accessible to everyone. We have developed solutions for Digital Payments, Machine to Machine Payments, Peer to Peer to Lending and Digital Assets Exchange. Our most of the client base is in Europe.

Why Block360?

World is passing through a financial revolution. What the Internet has done to global communication, distributed technologies like Blockchain are doing the same with global transactions. Similar to .com startups in the 1990’s, today‚Äôs fintech startups have the same potential of growth.

Role Description

In this 8 weeks paid internship starting from 1st of November, you will focus on researching and learning new technologies to build prototypes to solve complex large scale challenges. The purpose of this internship is to provide you an opportunity to enhance your skills and give you on-the-job experience to further develop your engineering knowledge. The ideal candidate will be willing to work hard by remaining flexible, agile and adaptable.


  • Research and prototype solutions for different challenges.
  • Write white papers on prototypes you built
  • Installation, configuration and benchmarking of different Software’s.


  • Bachelors Student of at-least 5th semester
  • Knowledge of Software Engineering fundamentals (data structures, algorithms, time complexity, OOP, functional programming, etc.)
  • Proficient in one or more languages, you will use for fast prototyping
    • Front-end development (Vue JS, React, React Native)
    • Back-end development (Golang, Node JS, Python)
  • Knowledge of at-least one relational and one non-relational database.
  • Strong understanding of Linux, Git and Networks.
  • Experience of Ethereum DApp development
  • Driven and dynamic with strong problem solving skills
  • Understanding of user interfaces and the creation of a positive user experience.
  • Strong curiosity to learn new technologies

Location: Islamabad, Pakistan.


Please send your CV at careers@block360.io

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