Lending Platform for Digital Economy

Micro and Small loans lending platform by using Cryptocurrencies. Tokenization of loan for risk mitigation, scoring on the basis of on chain transparent repayments history, an open marketplace to connect lenders and investors with individuals and businesses.


Micro and small loans are underserved and usurious which results in a $2 trillion financing gap. Lenders are out of reach and expensive. They are also blind to alternative datasets resulting in missed opportunities for investors and for creditworthy individuals and businesses. So Meritt goals was to build a lending platform that tokenizes loans to diversify the risk for lenders.

Work done

  • Development of DeFi on Ethereum blockchain¬†


We created a DApp that list lending opportunities. It issues loan tokens lenders that represents interest rate, repayment schedules and principal amount. Lenders can further trade these loan tokens. Credit worthiness of borrower starts from a very small loan and increase with repayments history.


Meritt Mobile App

Meritt – A per-to-per lending through a interactive & easy to use mobile application

About Client

Meritt is a fintech startup based in London building a direct lending platform that enable individuals & businesses to harness their everyday data to access instant finance.

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