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Problem: In recent times, there have been many cryptocurrencies that utilize inflationary systems. These types of coins introduce more risk to investors because they are charged commissions for transactions and it can lead them into losing money if the price falls too far behind what it cost when they first bought their coin! This is not an issue for the most part, but it can become one if people don't collaborate on ways to reduce their costs. This was the problem that Marvellex wanted to solve as they wanted to build a new blockchain with a less transaction fee that is also more transparent and they also wanted a gold-backed stable coin to encourage deflationary crypto-currency adoption.

Our solution: We built a blockchain with a full monitoring system for them and an IOS wallet. We also built them all the components (RPC, explorer, etc.) they needed for other people to build on top of their blockchain. The goal of the wallet we build was to help them build a deep connection with their community so that the members of their community can have a personalized wallet with personalized communication. Not only that but we also worked on a frozen integration so that their coin MLXC can be bought and frozen for a while, to make sure only long-term investors are investing with Marvellex and when they buy MLXC, they hold it and don't just dump it right away with minor gains. The Marvellex wallet also supports other currencies like USDT, ETH, ERC20, etc. Apart from that, we also built a Marvellex gold ecosystem for them, their MLXC website, and the Marvellex sacrifice page.




November 15, 2022


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They were successfully able to launch Marvellex and attract an initial user base.

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