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Problem: Worldwide, we generate over 50 billion tons of carbon dioxide every year. This is the leading cause of climate change and it has been rapidly growing since World War II ended in1945 with an annual increase rate of +2%. The problem doesn't stop there though! If left unchecked, this toxic gas will result In irreversible damage which could lead us into another ice age within 500 years...or sooner!! To help combat climate change, Nano came to Block360 with the goal of using the power of blockchain and crypto technology and encouraging people all over the world to take small steps toward a better future for everyone.

Our solution: Block360 helped build a platform for Nano where users can conduct environment-friendly activities for carbon reduction and they get crypto reward points (Deedz coin and NFTs) in exchange. Those points are called ESG credits and they can be used to create an NFT certificate (1 certificate=1000 credits). In return for those credits, users get nano coins. Every activity has 10 credits against it and it goes into the NFT ESG trading marketplace. Those credits are there for enterprises and are sold to them. And the users are awarded in exchange for things like shopping etc. We at Block360 built an ESG certificate trading marketplace for them and provided them with their own blockchain network with their own coin. This marketplace runs on that blockchain network for enterprises mainly for credit trading.


Experience Nano


February 6, 2024


Blockchain Services

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Results: With our platform, Nano was able to secure a partnership with Dolce Telecom and AWS.

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