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Problem: They wanted to make the GSU token accessible to people so we build this token on the ETH network?

Our solution: We built this decentralized exchange, where people can come and buy the GSU token. It is a stable rating mechanism and this system is currently a patent, a proprietary system. So we built oracles, which provide information to blockchain networks. We used oracles to bring rates to this exchange. They had built a global stability unit along with their invention of a stable rate mechanism and now they wanted to make it accessible to people. We built it as an ERC20 on top of the ETH network. The token is upgradeable and has the support of the GSN network (eth gas station network so users don't have to pay the gas fee). They take their fee in GSU tokens so you can make the transaction without the gas fee.


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February 6, 2024


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Results: They were able to provide access to those who want access to GSU tokens through the ETH blockchain. Technologies Used: VueJS, NodeJS, PostgresSQL, MariaDB, Redis, GoLang, Solidity, Ethereum, Bash, Docker

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