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Meritt is a direct lending platform enabling individuals & businesses.


Meritt is a direct lending platform that enables individuals and businesses to harness their everyday data to instantly access unsecured loans. By leveraging alternative datasets, the Meritt platform offers new investment opportunities to lenders while at the same time delivering superior risk adjusted.


  • Peer to Peer Lending
  • Loan funding
  • Creadit Risk Analysis
  • KYC Documentation


  • DApp
  • Vue JS
  • Solidity Smart Contracts
  • Ethereum Blockchain




The DES-COIN is more than a conventional cryptocurrency. By investing in the DES-COIN, you are indirectly investing in sustainable projects and businesses as well. This means that your investment will always have equivalent value.


  • Transparent communication
  • Sustainable investment
  • Completely blockchain based
  • KYC & AML conformity


  • Quorum Blockchain
  • Solidity Smart Contracts

Notary Platform

Notary offers you the freedom to create contracts for your own purposes and events.


The Notary Platform is the first mobile application which enables you to engage in contracts on the go! With the help of our app, you can sign a contract wherever, whenever, and without a third party involved!


  • Lease Contracts
  • Marriage Contracts
  • Wattanties
  • Certifications


  • D-Apps
  • Ethereum Blockchain
  • Solidity Smart Contracts
  • React Native

Block360 provides ongoing high-quality development support at an affordable price point. In addition to successfully fixing a lot of issues created by previous developers, their team has been very communicative, proactive, and good about listening to client needs throughout the process.

Christoph Preissler

Founder of DESCoin

Stakeholders are pleased with the quality network provided. Due to satisfaction with the team, stakeholders have begun working with Block360 on another project. Block360 has an exceptionally responsive team with a keen ability to solve problems. Their expertise differentiates them from other vendors.

Jesper Toft

Founder of

Block360 continues to deliver high-quality blockchain development services that have allowed the company to generate interest from potential users and investors. Despite their location, their team is timely and relatively responsive. They're also competitively priced.

Hicham Errafass

Founder of Meritt

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