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GSU Exchange


Problem: A fintech startup based in Denmark wanted to launch a centralized exchange platform to take their GSU unit to the market and to have an opportunity to generate ROI from trading services. For every national fiat currency, they wanted to create a wrap GSU. The aim was to take it to the market so people can trade it with their fiat currency and spend it as they need.

Our solution: We provided them with their required centralized exchange platform called GSU Exchange. It is a secure, scalable, and ultra-low latency cryptocurrency trading platform built to match the high volatility of the crypto industry. It offers easy-to-use flows; deposits and withdrawals of currencies and cryptos, trading and transactions – all accompanied by a full account and transaction overview. We developed the exchange using distributed and fault-tolerant technologies making it highly flexible and reliable. Its matching engine can work with any type of asset. Enterprise-grade protocols are used for identity and access management which provides easy integration across the organization. It also provides risk management with real-time error checking and alerts. Its built-in KYC portal supports integration for financial institutes which makes it compliant with digital security laws. Zendesk support system is used for higher customer satisfaction.


Gsu exchange


February 6, 2024



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Results: They were able to secure a license from Danish Financial Authorities. Now, they are engaged in talks with banks to onboard them as legal partners. They will soon be putting it live for their operations.

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