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Problem: There are several significant drawbacks to regular voting systems, which include the need for paper, printing, and fuel. Overall management and operational overhead are also quite high, and results tend to be slow and full of human errors. These issues can all lead to decreased voter turnout and confidence in the election process. Additionally, traditional voting systems are often not accessible to people with disabilities, which can further disenfranchise certain groups of voters. Internet voting seemed like a good solution to most of these problems but ​​one of the biggest issues facing online voting today is a lack of trust. Many people have concerns about the security and reliability of online voting and are worried that their votes could be intercepted or tampered with in some way. But blockchain technology offers a solution to this problem and the iVoting System built by Block360 leverages it.

Our solution: The client wanted to build an internet voting platform to pitch to the Pakistani government. They partnered with block360 to use blockchain to bring trust to internet voting. Based on their requirements, we build an internet voting system in which people can cast votes online. The system has 3 user accounts containing Voter, Voter register, and Voter Guardian. Votes are validated and included in a blockchain-based digital ballot box. The system also uses concepts of encryption and decryption. This prevents internal and external vote manipulation and provides end-to-end verifiability and audibility.




October 12, 2023


Blockchain Services

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Results: We made their MVP based on four principles and based on that they were successfully able to engage the election commission of Pakistan and they got an expression of interest to provide a whole election management system to the government. And they were able to onboard the public institute and now their EMS development is in progress.

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