Ethereum scalability layer2 plasma sidechain

Since 2009 the blockchain has a huge impact on the market and make the people to realize the power of blockchain its potential

On chain kyc verification for crowdsales

Know Your Customer (KYC) is a process to identify and verify the identity of investors. With the large number of ICOs being launched, regulatory authorities are pushing policies on ICOs to make them legitimate.

Enterprise blockchain and intro to quorum blockchain-

Since the blockchain is very secure, distributed and transparent platform. But these needs are varying from the public network to private network. The private networks need privacy, performance and permissioning.

Ipfs a distributed file store

In the traditional web, user data is stored on centralized storage servers that have complete control over it. This control provides them elevated privileges that may be abused without the user’s knowledge or consent.

The state of decentralization in a centralized world

Ever since the “blockchain, not bitcoin” narrative started floating around, there’s been an explosion of startups trying to fit the decidedly square peg of blockchain into every hole, regardless of the size or shape

The blockstack internet

The internet provides an infrastructure for the World Wide Web, which enables social networks, electronic mail, instant messaging, distributed gaming, file sharing, video streaming, and much, much more.

Enterprise blockchain quorum privacy and permissioning

Since one of the most well known and well tested use case of blockchain is payment systems, it’s no wonder financial institutions around the world are experimenting with it. While Ripple and Hyperledger are the ones more popular in this regard, another contender in the race of enterprise blockchain is Quorum.

Enterprise blockchain quorum privacy permissioning

This article is a part of our series on enterprise blockchains, particularly focusing on Quorum. In the previous article, we presented a high-level view of Quorum and how it distinguishes itself from Ethereum, despite being forked from its source initially

Iot blockchain

Every few years, the tech world drops a new word and it goes buzzing around the world. The hype goes wild, controversies grow, and endless arguments begin between the proponents and the critics.

What are smart contracts?

Contract is an agreement between people, everyone has a contract in his life with property dealer, with lawyer and many others. But these contracts are in the physical form and for the implication of these contract we need some entities like Police etc

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